Renaming your summative assessment target columns

You can change the names for your summative assessment targets from Students > Assessments > Assessment Framework > Targets. Here you can see all the target names.



To add an alias of a target and rename the column in the marksheet, just click a target. Choose the alias in the slide over, then click Save changes.

To remove the alias, just click the target again and remove all the text in the Alias field.




You'll be able to view the renamed columns on these pages:


Baselines & Targets

Summative Marksheet

Full Marksheet

Year  ✓  ✓  ✓ (add using the filters)
Teacher  ✓  ✗  
Period  ✗    ✓ (add using the filters)
School progress  ✓  ✗  
School attainment  ✓  ✗  
Final  ✓ (add using the filters)  ✓ (add using the filters)  ✓ (add using the filters)
Aspirational  ✓ (add using the filters)  ✓ (add using the filters)  ✓ (add using the filters)


You can choose whether to display the Final and Aspirational targets in marksheets by clicking the filters at the top of the page.



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