Adding a seasonal meal in Arbor

You can create a seasonal meal to use whenever you have a special meal event, such as Christmas. If you use payments in Arbor, you can set prices for the individual seasonal meal, so your Christmas and Eid meals could have different prices! Account balances are invoiced on the day of the meal, at the end of the meal sitting.

Please note: Using this method will mean the meal provision is always available to select in your meal registers. Because of this, we suggest advising your teachers not to choose this meal provision in meal registers unless it is the day of the meal. If you use payments, students will only be billed when there is an active price for the seasonal meal.


Before you get started

If you want to take payments through Arbor for meals, you must already have card payments enabled on your site (go to School > Payments > Initial Setup to check all the steps are ticked).

You must also have set up your Lunch meal as standard - click here to see how to set it up to make sure your teachers are able to take Meal Registers. This means you will already have meal sittings (what time the meal will take place), added the attendees (what student groups attend each sitting) or meal choices so they will appear in the meal registers, so you won't need to do this again! 


Step 1 - Setting up your meal provision

To set up your seasonal meal, go to School > Meals and select Setup from the left-hand menu.

To add a seasonal meal we'll be adding a new Provision to the existing Lunch meal, so click Provisions.



Click the Add Provision button.



Add the meal name and the meal type, then click Add Provision.



You'll be taken to the Provision overview, where you can add pricing details.



Step 2 - Adding meal prices

Please note, if you can't complete these actions, you may not have the necessary permissions (the Finance: Administer permission). Please contact your Admin staff to help with this.


In this step, you can add a price for a specific meal to set the dates this meal choice will generate invoices for. For instance, if your Christmas lunch is charged at a different rate to your other meals, and only on one day of the year, set the applicable dates as the day the meal takes place on.

Enter a price by clicking '+Add' in the prices' table. This will mean that students and staff can be automatically charged for the food taken. Make sure you set the dates to reflect the dates the meal actually runs on.



Add the meal price for each user group, then click Set Price & Add Another.




Once you've added all the prices for your different groups, your page will look something like the screenshot below.



If you need to edit the price or dates and the seasonal meal begins in the future, you won't be able to edit it as it is not Active. You'll need to delete it by clicking the red button, then add a new one.



Step 3 - On the day of the meal

On the day of the meal, you or your teachers can open the morning registration register (to see how to open a register, click here for teachers or click here for admins). Go to the Meal Choices option on the left-hand side.

You'll be able to select which students are taking the seasonal meal provision for the day individually, or by using the bulk actions on the left-hand side.

If you use payments in Arbor and there is an active price, the students who have been put down as taking the seasonal meal option will be invoiced. The price of the meal is taken away from their Meals account balance at the end of the meal.


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