Coming soon to Attendance and Cover

We’re thrilled to announce some updates we’ll be releasing in time for Christmas to help you manage attendance and cover next term! Here’s what’s on the way…


Cover Timetable View - Now live!

Want an at-a-glance way to see when cover is required? Use our Cover Timetable tab to easily see when cover is required, requested, arranged and not required from School > All Staff > Cover. You can then click the slot to assign a staff member to cover it!

Bulk Edit attendance marks

Our Bulk Edit Marks pages enable you to change multiple student’s attendance marks to present, absent or late marks. But attendance officers and users like you told us that you have to tick a lot of boxes to change all the marks.

We’re really pleased to announce we’re tweaking this feature to make it even quicker for you to use! 

When selecting the students to change marks for, then choosing Bulk Set PresentLate or Absent, these boxes will now be ticked by default! You’ll need to untick any slots you don’t want to change marks for.


Manage available attendance marks

We know how important it is to our schools that you’re recording the right attendance marks. To help you manage this, you’ll soon have increased control over who can enter absence marks. 

You’ll be able to choose whether your teachers can input any absence code, or whether to change your settings so they can only input the N code when taking a register -  great for preventing your teachers from accidentally entering incorrect absence marks! 

And not only that, if you have a planned absence, the mark in the register will still automatically be filled with the pre-fill mark!


Keep an eye on our Product Update Roundups to see when these features are released. We usually publish a roundup every two weeks!

You can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

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