Spring 2020 School Census Guide - Secondary Schools

We've compiled all our Census resources into one handy directory! Click here to access it.


Click the link at the bottom of the page to download your Spring 2019 Census Guide.

This guide includes:

  • Preparing for this census
    • What’s new for the Spring Census?
  • Using the Census pages
  • Generating a dry run
  • Solving Errors or Queries
    • Language missing or other basic details
    • Errors that can’t be resolved during the dry run
    • Admissions Appeals
  • Information to add on census day
    • Meals
    • Pupil Reconciliation
      • Add in your pupil reconciliation numbers
      • Check your class numbers using the Reconciliation status section
      • Resolving students enrolled in more than one class
      • Students enrolled but not in class
    • Check your teacher and pupil numbers and class activities
  • Submitting the Census
    • Using the DfE Census Summary Inspection
    • Downloading Your Completed Census Summary
    • Uploading the Census to the DfE
  • Additional resources
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