Data management

Using the Data Quality Dashboard
A quick overview of the Data Quality Dashboard, this video shows how to update student, guardian and staff details in bulk, and how to resolve duplicates.
Users and Data Retention
Here's how to manage the password requirements for your MIS, and how to delete any details you're no longer required to keep. 
Using Live Feeds
Live feeds can be used to export any live data outside of Arbor for extra analysis or to put all your important data in one place. Take a look at this in-depth video for how to create and manage live feeds.
Importing a CTF
To create new students or update student details on your site, you may need to import a CTF. Watch this video to see how to do this correctly without creating duplicates.
Creating and Exporting CTFs
You may also need to send CTFs of students leaving your school to other schools. Here's how to generate them.
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