Setting up meals
This video will talk you through the whole process of setting meals up in Arbor from scratch, from adding meal sittings right through to adding meal choices.
Step 1 of the setup process, this video walks through how to add meal sittings. 
Provisions and prices
Step 2 of the meals setup process is to add meal provisions and prices. This determines who will have meals, what these meals will be and how much each user will be charged for each type of meal.
Step 3 of the meals setup process should be completed if you want teachers to be able to choose what meals students will have each day.
Student meal choices
The final step to setting up meals is optional but allows you to choose a meal for students to have every day, for example, if a student always has a hot meal or a packed lunch.
In this video, you can see how to use the summary page to see how many of each meal are required each day. You can also see and top-up student meal balances, which will automatically deduct the price of the meals chosen each day.
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