Overview and creating trips
See how to add a new free or paid trip, including choosing the date and time, who can sign up for the trip, and whether to make the trip available for parents to sign up on the Parent Portal or Arbor App.
Adding Trip Prices and Participants
Once you've added your basic trip details, you'll need to choose a price for your trip. In this video, see how to add different prices for different pupils and whether to allow voluntary contributions. You'll also see how to manually add students as confirmed participants and record payments, and how parents can sign up to the trip from the Parent Portal or Arbor App. 
Paying for Trips in instalments
This quick video outlines how trips can be paid for in instalments, and when a trip participant paying in instalments is marked as a confirmed participant.
Mail Merge from Paying in instalments
If you've got students who haven't yet paid in full for a trip, it's easy to send their parents an email reminder. Watch this video to see how.
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