Custom report writer videos

Creating reports
An overview of creating a basic attendance custom report using our Custom Report Writer.
The Custom Report Writer Homepage
On the main Custom Report Writer page, you can duplicate, share or schedule reports in bulk.
Using groupings in a custom report
You can add a grouping in a custom report to display an average of the whole group's data. In this example, we'll look at an attendance report grouped by year group so you can see the average percentage present per year group. A grouped report will also show you how many people make up that group.
Distributing Reports
To share a report so another staff member can see it in Arbor, or schedule the report to be sent out via email, watch this video.
Base Report Templates
Here's how to create a report using the templates that come pre-loaded in your system.
How to Import a Report Template
We've got loads of common custom report templates available on our help centre that can save you time! Just find the report, download it then import it into your site with no setup required. You can then always edit it if needed.
Example Medical Conditions Report
We often get questions about how to create a report on medical conditions, so this video will walk you through the process.
Exporting assessment marks to SISRA
Here's how to create your CSV file in Arbor's Custom Report Writer to export your assessment data into SISRA.
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