Restricting the Available Attendance Marks

We know how important it is to ensure you’re recording the correct attendance marks. To help you manage this, you can choose whether teachers can input any absence code, or whether they can only input a pre-selected mark or the N code when taking a register. This feature is great for preventing teachers from accidentally entering incorrect absence marks! 

If you decide to turn this on, teaching staff will only be able to choose a pre-filled mark (e.g. from planned absences or bulk edit marks), or “N - Reason for absence not yet provided”. If you make this change, don't forget to let your teaching staff know about this change! 


Restricting the available absence marks

Please note: To amend this setting, you'll need the Student: Attendance: Administer All Students permission. 

If you want to restrict absence attendance marks in registers to just the N code, go to Students > Attendance > Admin > Restrict Absence Marks

Click into the box saying Restrict absence marks available for use on Take Register.



Change the preference to Yes, then click Save Changes.



Taking attendance

If you're a user who regularly changes marks, you'll still be able to do this from the register! Anyone with the ability to restrict attendance marks (staff with the Student: Attendance: Administer All Students permission) will still be able to select any absence code within the register.



Your teachers will only be able to select the N code when marking a student as absent. If they have a pre-filled absence, the mark will default to the pre-fill mark or the teacher will be able to amend it to the N mark.




It's then much easier to follow up on absences, as you know all the marks you'll need to look for are the N marks! To see all your the N marks so you know which guardians to contact, you can use our Attendance > Absentees > Absentees by date page. Just click on the filters to only display only N marks (No reason) in your table! 


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