2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 9 - Absent and bulk edit attendance marks, and exam room allocation

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The Headlines

Absent attendance marks 

You can now restrict the absence marks available to teachers when taking a register. If you only want teachers to be able to select “N - Reason for absence not yet provided” or a pre-filled planned absence mark head to Students > Attendance > Admin > Restrict Absence Marks. This makes it easier for attendance officers to follow up on absences and ensure the correct marks are used.  



Bulk edit attendance marks 

When using the Bulk Set Present, Absent or Late options on both the Bulk Edit Marks and Bulk Edit Marks Beta pages, all periods and lessons are now ticked by default. This will save you a lot of clicks when selecting multiple lessons or days to amend marks for.



Allocating exam rooms 

Following feedback from some of our Exam Officers, we have added extra information when allocating students an exam room to help you account for students' needs. Go to Students > Examinations > Scheduling > Allocate Exam Rooms and select the room. Tick the students you need to allocate, then using the pencil icon select Allocate Exam Room. You'll now see a drop-down with a quick summary of the students and their access arrangements.



What else is new?

  • You can now delete staff training courses by clicking the delete button.
  • Assessments are now sorted alphabetically on the Summative Tracking > Analysis > Grade distribution page.
  • Assessment judgment rules can now be set to 2 decimal places to allow for finer rules. 


Coming Soon...

We've got some great updates coming to assessments:

  • Soon we will have an Add All option, so you can link all 17 EYFS Summative Assessments to your Curriculum Assessment at once.
  • We are also making some tweaks to the Group MIS Assessment Setup process!
  • New Assessment Measures fields in the Custom Report Writer.


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