2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 1 - new permission design, student context overviews, and more!

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The Headlines:

New permission design goes live!

Now you’ll be able to clearly see which permissions are associated with which roles, and search for them much more easily. We’ve also added descriptions of what each permission will actually allow users to see or take action on.


(Also, now GDPR is enacted, you may be interested in the feature which allows you to download Excel or CSV lists of what permissions are attached to each business role, or currently held by each member of staff - just click the big orange button!)

Follow the menus School > Users and Security > Permissions to try out this feature.


Automatic phonics threshold

On June 25th when the Phonics Screening Check threshold is released, it will be populated throughout your MIS from our central database. Just enter your test results and we will update your students’ outcomes for you against the released threshold.


Download staff profiles

As promised in our last update, fully downloadable staff profiles went live on the 25th May. This makes it really easy for you to comply with GDPR’s ‘Subject Access Requests’ from staff as well as students. Our downloadable profiles can show the complete range of data each user has permission to view about a subject. This means school leaders with full staff or student data permissions can get a record of all the info stored about someone on Arbor in a few clicks.



Student photos and standardised assessments on report cards

It’s now possible to personalise report cards with student photos! You’ll also be able to make the report card show all previous assessments, including standardised assessments, from the past academic year.


Define the contextual data shown on lesson dashboards

Following our recently added student context columns for registers and lesson overviews, we’ve added the ability for the leadership team to centrally decide which of these columns should appear to teachers. For instance, if your current focus is improving outcomes for English Assisted Language students, you can set EAL status to show next to each child on the register, giving teachers the knowledge they need to meet their targets.

Follow the menus Students > Enrolment > Academic > Lesson Settings > Add Additional Columns to try out this feature.


We’ve also added…

  • Bulk editing of standardised assessment marks, bringing them into line with the rest of our bulk mark editing features (see our last update article for more ways we’re saving you time, with bulk imports for enrolments and applicants!)
  • A beta design for our bulk attendance update feature, which you can check out by going to Students > Attendance > Registers > Bulk Edit Marks (Beta)
  • Details of former school enrolments to students’ ‘Educational History’ section, on the front page of their profile - providing a fuller picture of how much a child has moved around and when
  • Show the start time/end time of each period in the headings of printable timetables - helping new students learn the school’s system and what actual time each period relates to
  • An icon 🔗 on each course page to show you which students have been enrolled automatically - if you hover over the little link, you’ll see an explanation of which auto-enrolment placed the student in that course


Coming soon...

See attendance so far that day

When a child comes into the classroom, having a clear idea of what their day’s been like so far can give you a real advantage in controlling behaviour and focusing learning. Just as with our recently added ‘behaviour today’ column on the lesson dashboard, we’re going to make a quick-look record that shows their attendance so far that day to their current teacher.

New behaviour note

You’ll be able to log any ‘Restraint Used’ when recording a behaviour incident.

Calendar improvements

We’re going to make it possible to edit recurring school events, and the calendar will show which user has added a school event. We’re also updating and clarifying which roles have permission to edit calendars, to help you avoid scheduling mishaps.

New communication options

We’re going to be rolling out communication tools embedded in clubs and trips pages, school customizable templates for new users’ ‘Welcome to Arbor’ emails, and automated emails from the Parent Portal to confirm successful card payments.


If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact your Customer Success Analyst. An article like this is published every other Friday in the ‘Updates’ section of our Hep Centre.

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