2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 11 - Staff assigning behaviour, quick interventions and measures in Custom Report Writer

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The Headlines:

Recorded Behaviour

Track how many points and incidents are being logged by each of your staff members on our new Recorded Behaviour page. If you've got the Recorded Behaviour dashboard: View all permission, just go to School > All Staff > Recorded Behaviour to see by default the five staff recording the most incidents or points. You can view the data as a chart or table, and use the filters to select different staff or filter by severity, behaviour or location!




We’ve added School Assessment Measures fields to the Custom Report Writer! Use the Achieving against school assessment measures column to see whether students are achieving a measure in a Student report, or use the Students achievement against school assessment measures column to see what percentage of your students are achieving the measure in a Demographics or School report.



Quick Interventions

If you’ve got the School: Interventions: Administer permission, you can now create a quick intervention right from a page with bulk actions, such as a summative assessment marksheet. Just tick the students then click the blue pencil icon to select Create New Intervention. Add the details in the slide over and voila, your intervention is created!



What else is new?

  • Tired of running out of SMS credits? Our new SMS Unlimited package gives you annually uncapped text messages - all for one fixed fee. Shoot us an email to discuss whether SMS Unlimited would work for your school!
  • Use the Add All button to add all 17 Foundation Stage EYFS assessments when setting them up as summative assessments.
  • New fields for Employment details and Benefit statuses are now available on the Student Profile for post-16 students.
  • Use our new Live Feeds management page to see all the live feeds set up, toggle authentication for Excel on windows or Power BI or delete a Live Feed link.
  • You can now apply a date filter to the SEN status column for the academic year or today in the Custom Report Writer.


Coming Soon...


We’ve already released the ability to share your summative assessment setup with other schools, and we’re now working on the setup of trust-wide assessment policies and increasing the level of analysis at the Group level.

Also on the way is that GAP analysis will be added to the Statistics page, and you’ll be able to export all assessment marks as an excel file quickly.

Anything else?

We’ll be streamlining and improving the process for setting up in-house exams, and look out in the coming months for our basket functionality for Parent Portal payments.


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