Bulk enrolment into courses/classes using our spreadsheet import

To get started, you'll need:

  • Year Groups created
  • Students enrolled into their correct Year Groups
  • Courses created, to import students into
  • Courses linked to the correct Year Groups

Important note about double enrolments

If students are already enrolled in a class, using the bulk tool will not end or override any existing enrollments. This will just add them to the new classes.

You will need to end the existing enrolments manually by going to School > Programme > Courses, selecting the course then ending the enrolments for the students.




Downloading your spreadsheet

Navigate to School > Programmes > Courses and click on the green Course Enrolment Imports button.



This will take you to the Course Enrolment Import screen, from here click '+Add'. 



Then select the academic year you wish to bulk enrol students into.



Select the subject(s) you wish to enrol students into and the year groups of students you wish to bulk enrol into these subjects. On the downloaded spreadsheet, each year group will be displayed as a new tab.



Once the spreadsheet has been downloaded, please read the front page instructions.

Note: Do not try to edit the format of the spreadsheet/move columns or reposition student names as this will invalidate the file and it will not successfully upload into Arbor.

Navigate to a year group tab on your spreadsheet and mark the students into classes by marking the cell with the symbol you wish. At the bottom of the spreadsheet the total number of students for each class is calculated and on the right-hand side of each student, a running total of how many classes the student has been enrolled into is shown.

Once the spreadsheet is uploaded back into Arbor, the students will be enrolled into the classes in which they were marked.



Uploading your spreadsheet

Once you have completed your spreadsheet, you need to upload it back into Arbor via the same pathway taken to download it. School > Programmes > 2018/19 Courses. Click on the grey ‘Course Bulk Enrolment’ button.  

Click on the '+Add' button and this time select ‘Upload Import file’.

From the pop-up screen, confirm the academic year in which the students are being enrolled in classes. Give the file a name - as you can upload multiple spreadsheets it is advised that you give the file a name that identifies the file content. Enter the start and end date for the course enrolments if different to the default dates provided and click the green ‘Enrol Students’ button.



You can check/make changes to your course enrolments by navigating to School > Programmes 2018/19 courses and clicking on the specific classes you have enrolled students into using the bulk enrolment feature.  

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  • I'm assuming where you mention "Course bulk enrollment" that this button has now been renamed  'Course enrolment Import’ 

  • Hi Richard, that's right, good spot! I've updated the screenshot here.


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