How to send communications to applicants directly

As part of the admissions process, you can choose to send out offers or rejections to guardians using an email. 

However, if you want to send communications to students directly, you'll need to set up a custom group with the students you want to generate a letter for.


First, you'll need to find out which students you have made offers for. Go to Students > All Students > Applicants, select the intake season, then go to Applicants on the left-hand side. Here you'll be able to see all the students you have accepted.



Top Tip: We recommend duplicating your tab so you have two open pages of Arbor! This will allow you to keep the list of accepted students open for easy reference while you create the custom group.



To set up your custom group, on your duplicated tab go to Students > Enrolment and go to the Custom Groups section on the left-hand side. Click the New Custom Group button.



In the slide over, add a name for your custom group, and select that the custom group can contain All students. Then click Create Custom Group.



On the custom group page, click to add members to the custom group.



In the slide over, search for the students you want to include in the Members box - this is where taking a look at your duplicated Applicants page comes in useful!

Make sure you set the From date to today's date, not a future date. The students need to be current members of the custom group at the point you want to send the communications.



The students will then show in the Current Students section of the custom group.



You can then go to School > Communications > Select communication type > New Mail Merge and select the members of the custom group. Take a look at these articles for more details on creating communications, creating a template to use or adding a header or footer.


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