2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 2 - free clubs and trips, attendance today, and more!

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The Headlines

Free clubs and trips!

You no longer have to have our Payments package in order to set up clubs and trips. You can now set up, schedule and manage free clubs and trips from the ​School > Activities​ section of your site. If this is a new feature to you, check out our ​helpdesk guides​ on using it. If you’ve had this feature for a while, look forward to never having to set ‘£0’ as the price of your clubs or trips again! To reflect this change in the Parent Portal, clubs and trips information has been moved from ‘Accounts’ to a new ‘Activities’ section.

See a student's attendance today when taking the register

When a student comes into the classroom, having a clear idea of what their day’s been like so far can give you a real advantage in controlling behaviour and channelling learning. Just as with our recently added ‘behaviour today’ column on the lesson dashboard, we’ve added an info panel showing their attendance so far that day to their current teacher. Go to Enrolment > Academic > Courses > Lesson Settings to turn this on.

No more double-booked rooms

When booking a room, Arbor will now display whether that room is already booked before you schedule your event. It will be impossible to double book a room, stopping scheduling mishaps.

Which students have detention that day? 

As part of our ongoing campaign to make the lesson dashboard as useful as possible to teachers, a behaviour section will appear at the top of the page when appropriate. Here, Arbor automatically will list upcoming detentions or interventions for students in that class that day.

See student context badges on marksheets

If you hover over a student’s name on the marksheet, you’ll see any key demographic indicators attached to them. This includes the new Child Protection badge for safeguarding (see below!)

Child Protection improvements

Everywhere that demographic badges are shown on the site to help you look after different groups of students ‘Child Protection’ badges will also be shown. This will allow staff who don’t need permission to view or edit detailed child protection notes to still be able to safeguard their protected students.

We’ve also made Child Protection permissions more granular in general, by making a permission level that allows someone to view the record of Child Protection status without seeing any attached notes: `Child Protection Status (no notes): View All Students` and `Child Protection Status (no notes): View My Students`.

Amend enrolments in bulk

To follow on from our bulk course enrolments and save you even more time, you can now amend your enrolments in bulk. Just go to the course overview page, tick down the list of students you need to amend, and click the little pencil in the top left like you would to make edits on any other table.

We’ve also added…

  • A more streamlined markbook - previously an annoying tooltip could get in the way of fast mark entry, which has been removed
  • Customisable templates for the ‘Welcome to Arbor’ emails that get sent to new users
  • A filter for departments in the report writer (as well as for class, reg form, or demographic group as before)
  • The ability to personalise report cards with student photos! You can also make the report card show all previous assessments, including standardised assessments, from the past academic year
  • The ability to see who created a school event, and when
  • Updated calendar permissions, to stop the wrong users from being able to edit the school calendar - you will now not be able to add events to the school calendar unless the ‘calendar administer’ permission is part of your role on Arbor
  • The ability to add student consent on the consents section of a profile, for older students to self consent e.g. to the use of their photographs

Coming soon...

‘Where is this student now?’

We’re going to show all sessions, not just lessons, that a student is set to attend on their profile page. This will help users quickly work out where to find their students, and tell when a student is missing a lesson due to an intervention rather than absence.

Improved analysis for Standardised Assessments

We’re going to be adding several features that will help you analyse information that’s been imported to your MIS via Common Transfer File (such as SATs results) - watch this space!

Further calendar improvements

It will be possible to edit recurring school events, including removing participants once they’ve been added (as long as you have the relevant permission to do so).

Comms from Clubs and Trips!

You’ll be able to send emails for students on a club or a trip, for example to let parents know about a drop off point.

A more detailed roadmap showing our plans until September is available here. If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact your Customer Success Analyst. An article like this is published every other Friday in the ‘Recent Updates’ section of our helpdesk!

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