2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 3 - emails from clubs and trips, SMS signatures, and more!

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The Headlines

Email from clubs or trips!

At Arbor, one of our biggest aims is to connect your systems and help you be more efficient, so we’ve added the ability to send emails directly from a club or trip’s overview page. Simply tick the boxes for the left hand column, then select the blue pencil in the top corner to Send email to primary guardians.


For instance, if you were coming back from a trip and found out the drop off point had to change, you could log into Arbor and let all the parents know straight away. We’ll be adding SMS and letter options too soon - stay tuned!

Set your school SMS signature

If you go to School > Communications > SMS Sending Settings you’ll be able to set the signature that signs off all your texts. You can shorten it down to anything you like, potentially saving SMS credits. You will need the ‘Communications: Setup School Communications’ permission to use this feature.

More detailed permissions for communications

We’ve made a lot of permissions even more granular recently, and this fortnight we focused on communications. We’ve separated out communication permissions into ‘Send and administer school communications: Administer’ and ‘View school communications: View’. This should make sure only the staff members that need to will be able to do things like send SMS from the school to guardians, whilst other users that don’t need that level of access will still be able to view the communications that are relevant to them.

Student consent

Students over 16 are able to provide their own consent for the use of their photographs and more, so now you can also record that consent in the system. Just go to a student profile and click View > Consents (or scroll down), and you can now use the green plus icon in the top right to add consents from students as well as guardians, and upload any attachments as proof.


We’ve also added…

  • Free clubs and trips! you no longer have to have our Payments package. You can set up, schedule and manage free clubs and trips from the School > Activities section of your site.
  • The ability to select for yourself what the subject of an assessment is, rather than the system automatically suggesting a subject based on the name.
  • School departments as a category you can sort behaviour incidents by in custom report writer.
  • More detailed warnings when you change a student’s attendance patterns or truncate their enrolments, to make sure you know exactly how many of a student’s attendance marks will be affected or deleted due to the change.

Coming soon...

More detailed call logs

In Arbor you can already log calls with guardians, but we want to give you the option of logging calls with other outside agencies as well, like social services. Also, we’re going to make it possible to go back and edit a call that’s been logged, so you can note any extra details you forgot the first time!

‘Where is this student now?’

We’re going to show all sessions, not just lessons, that a student is set to attend on their profile. This will help users quickly work out where to find their students, and tell when a student is missing a lesson due to an intervention rather than absence.

Improved assessments

We are currently working on the option to weight the different strands of your assessments to build more complex analysis. For instance, you would be able to decide that ‘algebra’ should have more weight than ‘effort’ in your maths assessment statistics.


A more detailed roadmap showing our plans until September is available here. If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact your Customer Success Analyst.

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