2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 13 - Exclusion and incident improvements and Assessments updates

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The Headlines

New timetable reporting fields

You can now produce a report in the Custom Report Writer that shows the location of every student in each period, for the whole day using our new Timetabled event and Timetabled location columns!

Take a look at this article for full details - these fields are great for identifying where certain demographic groups are, such as your year 9 girls for their inoculations.



Fixed period exclusions

Sometimes students on a Fixed Period Exclusion will need to come in to attend an intervention or other behaviour development. Now, when you add a new Fixed Period Exclusion, you can select in the slide over which AM and PM roll call sessions to exclude them for. 

You can also now edit the sessions after they have been logged. Just go to Behaviour > Fixed Period Exclusions > Exclusions and click the exclusion to edit the date range and the sessions included.



See and select incident assignees

When logging a behaviour incident you can now see who the incident will be assigned to for each student. If you select a role like Head of Department, you can choose which staff member will be the assignee for each student, and you’ll get a warning message if this role has no staff attached. If you can’t change the assigned role, this means your school already has an Automatic Assignee set.




  • The Transition Matrix now shows the assessment period selected in the headers to compare periods from the same assessment.
  • Bulk export assessment marks as an Excel file from Students > Assessment > Summative Tracking > Export > Bulk Export Student Marks. You’ll receive a notification you can click when the file is ready to download.
  • When setting up a new summative assessment the Name and Short Name field will automatically fill with the Subject.
  • We’ve added options to the Assessment Framework > Marksheet Settings page so you can choose to display the Disadvantaged field or not show baselines in summative marksheets.



What else is new?

  • Teaching staff can now no longer edit or delete timetable slots in bulk, edit staff, room and student timetables or edit staff abbreviations. They can still view rooms and create new events in the Timetabling section.
  • When a behaviour incident is deleted, behaviour points awarded through automatic workflows are now also deleted.
  • If you have the School: Behaviour: Administer or School: Behaviour: Policy: Administer permissions go to Students > Behaviour > Setup > Incidents tab to toggle whether the box to create separate incidents is ticked by default.


Coming Soon...


  • You’ll be able to bulk set aspirational and final targets.
  • Choose whether to show Ad-hoc assessment comments in marksheets.
  • Baselines will be added to the Grade Distribution page.
  • GAP analysis will be added to the Statistics page.
  • If you’re familiar with locking marksheets so teachers can no longer edit assessment marks, you’ll also love the ability to lock baselines and targets.

Anything else?

  • We’ll be streamlining and improving the process for setting up in-house exams.
  • The Attendance over Time chart is coming soon for courses and lesson dashboards.
  • We’ll be retiring the Bulk Entry by Qualification page, but we’ll be adding a filter to the Entries by Student Group page to allow you to see your external candidates there.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday in the Updates section of our Help Centre.

You can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

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