2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 4 - SATs analysis, phonics screening check, and more!

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The Headlines

SATs analysis and automatic phonics check for KS1 & 2!

You will be able to understand your SATs results before your ASP data comes out this year, thanks to the new SATs analysis feature built into our MIS. Go to Assessment > Standardised Assessments > Analysis and you will see the option to analyse Key Stage 1 and 2, meaning you can start planning school improvement measures without having to wait for ASP data to be released to Insight in the Autumn term.


You can compare your results with historic Insight data up to three years in the past if you’ve been with us that long, and drill down into the results as you would with any other dashboard to see which student groups are performing well and which need help. SATs information will also appear as a field in Custom Report Writer from now on.

Also, we announced that this feature had been built into Arbor a while ago, but now you can actually use it: the Phonics Screening Check threshold is live and your results will be compared to it automatically. Let us know what you think!

Labels for applicants

In time for your new intake of students, you can now print labels for groups of applicants as well as for current students, so you can get started organising those exercise books early, or send out personalised letters to them in advance of their first day. Check out Communications > Labels > Applicants.

‘Where is this student now?’

We now show marks for all sessions, not just lessons, that a student is set to attend, on the Attendance > Marks by Date page on their profile. This will help you quickly work out where to find a student, and tell when a student is missing a lesson due to an intervention or internal exclusion rather than absence.


More detailed call logs

In Arbor you can already log calls with guardians, but we wanted to give you the option of logging calls with other outside agencies as well, like social services.

Also, we’ve made it possible to go back and edit a call that’s already been logged, so you can note any extra details you forgot the first time!

Replace academic leads in bulk  Screen_Shot_2018-07-13_at_10.42.25.png

Go to Students > Enrolment > Courses > Table View to try out this feature, which should really help you out if you’re an administrator and need to onboard or offboard a teacher. Tick the boxes down the left hand side of the courses you want to change the academic lead for, and click the little blue pencil icon to Bulk Update Academic Leads.

We’ve also added…

  • The ability to edit recurring school events and their participants, and have the change reflected in each event from then on. No need to add participants to one event after another manually, or remake the event when a new staff member arrives.
  • Tidier enrolment records - when you change a student’s enrolment period, for instance if they’ve been placed and registered in the wrong course, or have left the school, you will be able to set all redundant attendance marks left over to Pupil Not On Roll. This will prevent the errors from negatively affecting your attendance statistics.
  • More accurate student view filters on assessment analysis pages, so you can find a specific group of students more easily, without seeing irrelevant results (click the green text at the top of any analysis page)


  • The option to change your school SMS signature. If you go to School > Communications > SMS Sending Settings you’ll be able to set the signature that ends your texts.

Coming soon...

Record physical interventions

There’s all kinds of statutory data that needs to be written and reported in the unfortunate cases where you have to physically intervene with a student, and there should be a better way for you to log it.

Instead of writing up a page of notes and attaching it to an incident, we’re building an efficient workflow to help you securely record these cases, and present proof if you need it. You’ll be able to efficiently select the students and staff involved, any witnesses, and their statements and corroboration of events.

In a legacy MIS every new workflow is disconnected, but don’t worry - in Arbor we’ll make sure this feature is connected to the rest of your behaviour data and securely permissioned.

Decide who gets to send comms

Sending profiles are getting an overhaul, with more options for central admin and more granular permissions. SMS permissions will be separated from other comms permissions, for instance to prevent teachers using up SMS credits. You’ll be able to manage sending profiles in bulk, and also allow teachers to send emails on behalf of themselves instead off signed of by the school.


A more detailed roadmap showing our plans until September was published here.

If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact your Customer Success Analyst.

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