Updates to the Assessment menu

Why are we making changes?

When setting your assessments, you first define your assessment framework. This includes all the supporting information that makes up an assessment, such as the grades that are used or the name of the assessment. Assessment Frameworks are typically only created once and last for a number of academic years.

Then you need to define your policies including adding all your assessments you'll run this year and defining important dates and targets and which students will take the assessment. You need to set up your policy every year to select which of your assessments you'll be using.

We're making some changes to the Assessment menus to make it as clear as possible which part of the assessment setup process you need to complete each year and to make it easier to navigate to the page you're looking for. We've not changed the way assessments work - all the existing functionality you know and love is still there!


What changes are we making?

We're renaming the Assessment Policy to Annual Policy and are moving this menu item below the Assessment Framework

You'll find the new name everywhere that refers to your policies, for example:

  • The menus in the Assessment section of Arbor
  • Banners on assessment pages, such as in Manage Assessments
  • Next steps when adding an assessment

Before: Screenshot_2020-04-17_at_10.40.25.png After: Screenshot_2020-04-17_at_10.48.21.png


We're moving the Manage Assessments page to the top of the Annual Policy section.

Before: Screenshot_2020-04-17_at_10.45.07.png After: Screenshot_2020-04-17_at_10.44.13.png


We're moving the Assessment Catalogue page to the top, and the Marksheet Settings page to the bottom of the Assessment Framework section. 

Before: Screen_Shot_2020-04-03_at_13.58.09.png After:Screenshot_2020-04-17_at_10.54.37.png

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