2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 15 - New reporting fields, assessment updates and communications improvements

The Headlines

Custom Report Writer

School MIS CRW:

  • The Primary Guardian Addressee field in the Parents, Guardians and Contacts base report pulls in all primary guardians even if they don’t live together. Now, you can generate salutations to only the guardians who live with the student using our new Household Addressee (Primary Guardians Only) field!
  • Two new reports are available for Fixed Period Exclusions and Internal Exclusions, allowing you to report on times and dates, exclusion reasons and types and the attendance mark given - great to use when sending out exclusion details to guardians! We’ve also added options to report on time spent in an internal exclusion to the Student report!


Group MIS CRW:

  • We’ve added 75 new assessment fields to the Group Custom Report Writer so you can easily report on everything from GAPS, PIRA and PUMA to the percentage of students working at or above targets in reading, writing and maths.
  • Create a report from a template to use our new out-of-the-box reports on Attendance By Year Group, Number of Pupil Premium Students by Year Group, Demographics, numbers of Fixed Period Exclusions, Positive Incidents, Negative Incidents and Staff Absences.
  • We’ve introduced summary rows so you can see the average or total of your columns.




  • We're updating the Assessment menus. All the existing functionality you know and love is still there, we’ve just made it easier to find the page you're looking for when you need to!
  • You can now lock baselines and targets for all assessments, or for one assessment in one or all years. Take a look here for details. 
  • Choose whether or not to show ad-hoc assessment comments in marksheets from Assessment Framework > Marksheet Settings.
  • We’ve included more information about the assessment on the assessment’s policy page in Manage Assessments, and a new button to take you to the framework in the Assessment Catalogue!



  • If you’ve allowed guardians to reply to in-app messages they can now initiate messages themselves! They’ll appear in All School Communications > Inbound In-App Messages.
  • Running low on SMS credits? Users with the School: Communication: Setup permission will now receive an email when your balance is below 150 credits, and another reminder when your balance is at or below 0.
  • Once you’ve completed step 3 of the New School Year Setup (this Area of Arbor opens on 1st May), print student labels with their year group, reg form and house next year using the Display future enrolment information option.



What else is new?

  • Club refunds are now fully customisable! After clicking Cancel club membership, just click the Go to advanced options button to choose how much to refund.  
  • You can now see your External candidates from the Entries by Student Group page in Exams by selecting them in the filters.
  • We've simplified the process for setting up in-house exams - read full details here.


Coming Soon...


We’ll be improving communications all over Arbor, allowing you to send communications to All Enrolled Students or their guardians at once, see how many SMS or emails you’re about to send out and adding to the fields available for labels.


More improvements to this area of Arbor are on the way, including creating Ad-Hocs for groups of courses, adding User-defined fields and attendance to summative marksheets, and enabling you to bulk mark multiple columns at once.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday in the Updates section of our Help Centre.

You can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

If you want to propose your own improvement idea sign up to the Arbor Community and check out our post Submit Product Feedback here! Or to see what has been submitted for the community to vote on click here.

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