Arbor Summative Assessment Framework - Overview

The summative framework allows schools to create and report on your own custom summative assessment scales.

You can use Arbor’s Summative Tracker to record summative marks for each student and monitor progress at a high level.

If you opt for this framework you can create your own custom grade scales and grade sets to record assessments on a monthly, half termly, termly or annual basis.

You can also set target rules to specify the progress or attainment a student should make within a year and identify children who are not on track to achieve their end of year target.

Key features of this framework

  • You can create custom grade scales and grade sets 
  • Set baselines and progress targets based on your own summative grades
  • Add school target or attainment target rules 
  • You can create custom workflows around data collection cycles to notify and monitor the collection process closely.

Using a summative approach in Arbor allows schools to make use of the wealth of information Arbor holds and cross reference data to inform whole school improvement.

How to setup this framework

Before the setup begins, you must first decide on:

  • What your grade point scale will be
  • What summative grades you will have on their grade point scale and where they will sit on the scale 
  • The frequency of analysis (e.g. termly or half termly)

Other things to consider:

  • Updating of your written assessment policy - this is important so that all teachers know what is expected (e.g. On Track at our school means...)
  • How you will onboard their teachers
    • How often do they expect teachers to update Arbor
    • Have all teachers been shown how to record marks in Arbor?
  • How will you communicate their new assessment system with students and parents if applicable?
    • Do students know what is expected of them (if appropriate)?
    • Do parents know how the school will be monitoring the progress of their children?


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