Importing Assessment marks into Arbor

To import progress data you must first download and complete a customised import spreadsheet for the assessment you want to import. You must then upload the spreadsheet to Arbor. The spreadsheets are available for the assessments you have already created within Arbor.

Please note: This process will override any existing marks already input into your Assessment. Any fields left blank in your spreadsheet will not override any marks in Arbor.

Go to Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Mark Entry > Import from the left-hand menu.



Click the green Download Import Spreadsheet button and select which kind of assessment to import marks for.

Selecting one of the Download bulk import spreadsheet options allows you to select multiple assessments to input marks into.



Fill in the slide over with the assessment information then click Download import spreadsheet.

You can choose to import teacher targets. This allows you to quickly and easily set the same or different teacher targets per assessment period instead of Arbor calculating the target from the baseline and end of year target.



Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, fill in baselines, targets and period marks for each student as appropriate.

Please note that this spreadsheet is custom made for the import you are doing and that you cannot change the academic year, students or assessment in this sheet. You must use the correct grade set and only valid grade values. If you want to import for a different academic year, assessment or set of students, you must create a new import spreadsheet.

Please note: Please do not change the student names or IDs, and do not rearrange any column or change column letters or row numbers. If you do, we cannot guarantee that the right marks will be imported for the right students.



Once you have filled in the sheet, you can import it on the same page by clicking the grey Upload Import Spreadsheet button.



You can choose your file to upload, then click Upload.


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