My current staff list looks wrong - Troubleshooting

If you have recently migrated to Arbor, you need to ensure several pieces of information are in place for your staff members to appear as 'current'.  


Business Role

A current business role in Arbor determines whether someone is a current staff member or not. You may need to readjust some of your business roles.

Go to: School > All Staff > Browse Staff

Here, if you do not see the staff members that you are expecting, this is likely to be due to their business role. Assigning a business role to a staff member will give them the permissions to access Arbor and also recognise them as being a current member of staff.


1. I can see staff here who have left:

Click into the staff member's name, this will take you to their profile.  Scroll down to 'current business roles', click into the role showing, select 'Edit' and enter an end date for the staff member's business role. They are no longer a 'current' member of staff.


2. I cannot see certain members of current staff:

Select: Current and future staff members> All staff 



Here you should now see the staff members you expect. 


Select the profile and add a business role. This will mean they now show as a current staff member.  


If you cannot find your staff members in this way, please contact us.


Note: Ensure your staff members all have work email addresses within the contact details section of their profiles to ensure they will be able to log in!

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