2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 7 - Group averages, filtering by enrolment and CRW improvement

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The Headlines

Weighted Group Averages

You can now see group or cluster averages on the Group MIS in Students > Assessments > Standardised Assessments > Analysis. Before, they displayed an average of an average but we’ve updated our calculations so bigger groups of students will be worth more in our algorithms. This gives a more accurate representation of how your schools are doing.


Filter by Enrolment Date

Also within Students > Assessments > Standardised Assessments > Analysis you can filter out students by enrolment date. Just click the filter option and choose your preferred date. Useful if you take on new students just before exam season!


Custom Reports improvement

You can now share multiple reports in bulk at once. This will save a lot of time if you regularly collaborate on reporting. We’ve also added more filter options in the custom report writer, allowing you to filter for ‘Not Yes’ and ‘Not No’. For example, if you want to look at students who have a brother, you can now filter by ‘Not Yes’. Your results will then include students for whom it is not recorded whether they have a brother or not.

Change teacher names

You can now choose how a teacher’s name is formatted on the student timetable E.g. Mr Smith, Mr Jon Smith etc. Just go to School> Timetable> Timetable Administration> Timetable settings> Staff Names. Click 'Staff Name Format' to update how staff names are shown in bulk. You can also change how an individual staff member's name is displayed by navigating to the staff profile and clicking their name in the 'Identity' section.



We’ve also added…

  • Student level drilldowns in standardised assessment analysis! You can now click on a student group to see whether they are included in calculations or not, making it easier to spot students who need extra support.
  • You can now bulk download insight reports. Tick the boxes down the left-hand side of the reports you want to download and click the little blue pencil icon.
  • Exam results are available to view by the Exam officer only before the embargo date set by the school. You can also pick which members of staff (other than the exams officer) will be able to view the results.

Coming soon...

Download Guardian profile

Soon you’ll be able to download a printable version of a guardian’s profile, just like with student or staff profiles.

Physical Interventions

Soon we’ll be adding the ability to note if a physical restraint is used when a behaviour incident is logged. We’ll be adding Physical Restraint fields in the Custom Report Writer to go along with this. We’re also making changes to the way permissions work regarding behaviour. For example, a dinner lady will soon be able to log a behaviour incident, but not access anything else in Arbor. We’ll be completely updating the way we show permissions to make it clearer for you about how to use them.

Grouping assessments by the period in the mark sheet

We’re updating the mark sheet on the My Classes and Summative Assessment pages to group everything by the assessment period marks need to be entered into, rather than the assessment. This means you’ll be able to enter all of your ‘Autumn’ marks, followed by your ‘Spring’ marks instead of having to scroll all the way across the page to find the correct assessment.

Other improvements...

We’re also looking at improving the way you can use sending profiles to tailor communications permissions and making improvements to summative analysis. Keep an eye out on this section of the helpdesk to find out when they get released!


A more detailed roadmap showing our plans until September was published here.

If you want to propose your own improvement idea, contact your Customer Success Analyst.

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