Update to Staff Permissions

We've updated the way Staff Permissions are managed within the Arbor MIS. In line with GDPR, these changes will impact how much data individual staff members are able to access and edit based on their Business role. Don't worry, staff will not be able to see any more data than before, but certain types of data will now be restricted on a need-to-know basis. We have also simplified the process of assigning Permissions and reduced the number of possible Permissions.

You’ll be pleased to know that if your school uses Arbor's default Business Roles, the associated permissions will be automatically updated by us, and you don't need to do anything.

If your school manages their own Business Roles, please be aware that we have updated and reassigned your staff's Permissions. Schools who have made amendments to the default Business Roles may find their Roles will need to be reviewed and remapped in line with the requirements of the school.

We're on hand to provide the support you need in doing this if you're not sure what this means for your school.

Top Tip: If things are not working as you expect, logging out and back in will often solve this issue.

In the document below we have included a list that details the new staff permissions and how they have been mapped from the previous permissions. Please make sure you know what all of the changes mean for your school. If you require more support, contact the Arbor Customer Success Team.

Staff Permissions Update September 2018


For more information about Permissions and managing them, take a look at these articles.

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