Updating Guardian Contact Details

Using bulk update

Head to the Students > Parents and Guardians> Bulk Update > Guardian Contact Details



From this page, you'll see that you can edit the 'Relationship', 'Mobile', and 'Email' details directly from clicking into the cell itself, like so:



In the 'Student' column and in the 'Primary Guardian', you can click for more information and edit the relationship details.


You can also head to the student profile to view/edit further detail by clicking again on the student's name at the top of the slide over.



Bulk updating emergency contact numbers

Our Emergency Contact Numbers Page helps you ensure you have two emergency contact numbers for every child in your care. Get to the table by going to Students > Parents & Guardians > Emergency Contact Numbers. Missing contacts will be highlighted in red. Click on the table to go to the student's profile to add the missing details.



Authorisation to Collect

You can now view and bulk update whether Guardians are authorised to collect students. Just go to Students > Parents & Guardians > Bulk Update. You can manage the Guardian’s relationship with the child by clicking the child’s name, then the orange edit button and updating the information.



Using the Data Quality Dashboard to Check for Errors

Head back to the 'Guardian Contacts Details' menu. Then, looking to the left-hand menu, you'll see separate options for checking: email, telephone and postal address data for the guardians.


For example, on clicking into any option in this menu, you'll be shown any advisory warnings - here is a demonstration of missing information on the telephone page:


You can simply click on the message in the description to amend the detail needed.


Editing details from the student/guardian profile

If the guardian is not a primary contact, then you can use the top-right search bar to find their profile and edit directly from there instead, as shown below. 



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