2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 8 and What you may have missed over the summer

Click the link at the bottom of the article to download a PDF version of this update and get a quick and easy overview of what our product team has been working over summer 2018. It also includes some big features already added to our product that you might have missed. 

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The Headlines

Physical interventions

Use of a physical intervention can now be logged as part of a behaviour incident. To do this, you must first define at least one physical intervention method, by navigating to Students > Behaviour > Setup. A physical intervention type can be added by clicking the + Add’ button in the Physical Intervention Methods section.

When a physical intervention is recorded, the user must fill in a narrative. If a member of staff is marked as ‘involved’ in a physical intervention, they will be asked to provide a witness statement.


A physical intervention can also be added to an existing incident in the Physical Interventions section.

For more guidance, see this article.


Fix expired reports in the CRW

Some report filters expire when the new academic year arrives, for instance when they refer to a reg form from the previous year. You will receive a notice when you have an expired report.


Our new report wizard will help you to fix these expired filters by looking at the groups that have been copied over. You can then amend the filter to use the corresponding group for the new year, or manually remap this to fix the issue yourself.


Download guardian profiles 

To help schools process Subject Access Requests (SARs) from parents, it’s now possible to download the guardian profile in the same way you can the student and staff profile. Just navigate to the guardian’s profile and click the Download/Print button.



In case you missed it...

We added a lot of new features to Arbor MIS, Group MIS, and Insight over the summer – here’s a summary of the biggest headlines from the past 3 months, and some links to articles in case you want to find out more. You can also check out each roundup under ‘Recent Updates’ in the help centre to find full lists of what we’ve done every fortnight.


New Features


Free Clubs & Trips

Registers for Clubs & Trips

Email participants from a Club or a Trip page


More options for report card content

EYFS and SATs analytic dashboards

Grouping assessments chronologically on mark sheets


Student context is shown on the lesson dashboard

Attendance that day shown on registers

Bulk editing of attendance marks


Physical interventions (see above!)

Show incidents and detentions that day on the lesson dashboard


Set the school SMS signature

Amend communication permissions in bulk 

More detailed call logs

Custom Report Writer

Share multiple reports in bulk at once

Filter by department

Report on SATs info

Expired reports wizard (see above!)


Print applicant labels

Add or amend enrolments in bulk

Tidier enrolment truncations and warnings for unenrolled students


Download staff, guardian, and student profiles for SARs

Store student consents

Refined permissions

Group MIS

Weighted dashboard averages

Monthly trends

More live dashboards for student and staff contexts, and staff absence


Bulk download reports for a group of schools

Improved advanced algorithm for Ofsted prediction analytics


Child protection badges and more granular permissions

Find students quickly on an improved Marks By Date page


Replace academic leads and other course information in bulk

No more room clashes

Edit recurring calendar events


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