For reference - Creating a ranked student list of Centre Assessment Grades for 2020 summer examinations

Please note that this guidance was relevant for 2020 only. If you would like to rank students now, you can use our Rank order feature.


Creating a ranked student list

In 2020, GCSE and A-level qualifications were awarded based on assessment by teachers rather than formal exams, for which schools needed to submit ranked Teacher Assessed Grades to the Awarding Organisations.

Schools could:

  1.  Ask teachers to enter grades for students on the Students > Examinations > Results > Forecast Grades page.
  2. Download this table (including the candidates entered, their candidate numbers, UCIs, ULNs, year group and date of birth) to to Excel or as a Live Feed.
  3. Delete any unneeded columns (such as any UMS columns) or rows (such as students who are not taking this subject) or separate each subject into its own sheet if you want to.
  4. Add a ranking for each student for each subject.
  5. You could then send them to the awarding organisation.The process for this is likely to be different for each awarding organisation, so please contact them for further information.



Keeping a record

Please note that we will be removing the Forecast Grades page once it is no longer required for Covid-19 purposes. This means that if you would like to keep a record in Arbor of the forecast grade please retain the spreadsheets you have created.

If you would like to be able to compare students predicted results with the ones issued by the awarding organisation, when results are released you will be able to go to the Examinations > results > By Subject page to see and download student's grades for each subject, for comparison.

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