2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 17 - Marksheet attendance and usability improvements

The Headlines

Creating Ad-hocs

We received feedback that you couldn’t create Ad-hoc assessments for specific courses only, which caused extra Ad-hocs to appear on report cards. Now when adding an Ad-hoc, you can select which specific courses to create it for when using the ‘one mark per course' option!



Quick mark

We’ve made entering values into tables (e.g. in marksheets or Bulk Edit Marks) quicker and slicker. 

  • Click into a field to open the drop-down menu of values to select from, or start typing.
  • Auto-complete now suggests the shortest match (e.g. type “A” and “A” will be suggested first rather than “A+” or “A-”.
  • Hit your Enter key to save the value and move onto the cell below. Then hit Enter again to start typing into the new field.
  • Tooltips no longer get in the way and you can easily edit any invalid text using your keyboard or the drop-down.



Attendance in marksheets

You can now show a student’s statutory roll call attendance for the year to date in marksheets, so teachers can see if their attendance is affecting their grades. To turn this on just select to show the Attendance column in Assessment Framework > Marksheet Settings.



What else is new?

  • When adding an assessment to your Annual Policy, we now let you know how many assessment periods you’ll be creating.
  • Select to output preferred name, legal name or preferred first name only when creating labels for students.
  • You can no longer edit Grade Set grades to have the same value.
  • Authentication for Google Sheets is now available - see the Setting up a Live Feed section of this article for more details.


Coming Soon...


We’ll be adding the ability to send communications to applicants and follow up with undelivered SMSs and emails.


More improvements are on the way, including new bulk marking options, choosing the colour-coding of target judgement rules and being able to set ‘or’ logic for School Assessment Measure rules.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday hereYou can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

To propose your own improvement idea sign up to the Community and check out our post Submit Product Feedback here!

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