Upcoming improvements to card payments through Arbor MIS

The full guide for how to set up the new process can be found by clicking here. Please note, the old process of making card payments using Stripe will no longer work after February 2019, so you will have to set up the new process.


What will be changed and why?

We want to make it easier for schools to use card payments in Arbor by minimising the amount of work required in the setup process and improving the card payments functionality. Here are some of our upcoming changes:

  • All setup will be done through Arbor, with a clearer user interface and more support available. There is no need to learn how to use other systems, making the whole process easier.
  • Flat rate for transaction fees and no additional service charges.
  • We will enable payouts to different bank accounts! It will be possible to define in Arbor which bank accounts money should be paid out to - either the school’s or a school supplier’s
  • All reports, VAT invoices etc. will be accessible in Arbor MIS, saving time otherwise used on maintaining and using more than one system


When will the changes happen?

Changes to card payments processing will be done in two phases:

Set up phase:

  • You will be able to set up the new payments system in Arbor.
  • This must be successfully completed before Phase 2 is launched.
  • Don't worry, we will provide you with instructions of how and when to perform the setup.
  • Note: Changes to card payments will not be implemented in this phase.

Implementation phase:

  • We will launch the changes in how we process card payments, perform payouts and display reports in Arbor.
  • The current card payments process will be removed and you will not be able to use it any longer. To make card payments, you will need to complete the setup of the new system.
  • You will need to decide whether you want to keep your current Stripe account. It will no longer be needed to perform card payments in Arbor.

Don’t worry - we will notify you again in advance of each phase!

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