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Arbor Examinations Guide

Click the file link at the bottom of the page to download and view it.

This guide to examinations includes:

  • Examinations Setup 
    • Pre-Setup Instructions 
    • Setting up the Exams Module 
    • Adding EDI and Non-EDI Qualifications 
    • Adding an Assessable to a Non-EDI Unit
    • Linking orphan awards and units
    • Checking my Qualification Offering
  • Entering Candidates 
    • Registering Candidates
    • Access Arrangements
    • Entering Candidates into Awards/Units
    • Resolving scheme/discount code clashes
    • Generating EDI Entry Files
    • Confirming or Rejecting Entries
    • What if I need to amend the information submitted?
    • Statement of Entries
  • Timetabling 
    • Setting up Exam Rooms 
    • Assigning Seats 
    • Resolving Timetable Clashes
    • Assigning Invigilators 
    • Printing Exam Timetables
  • Entering Results 
    • Embargo Settings
    • Entering coursework marks
    • Importing EDI Results Files
    • Manual results entry and amendment
    • Statement of Results
  • Results Export
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