Who should access the Webinars?


Everyone at the school is welcome to join our webinars, we do however suggest joining the ones that deal with a module your users are using. The schedule will suggest whether teachers, SLT etc should be joining a specific session.

Session and details Who we recommend attends
SLT SBM* Teacher TA Admin



Essentials 1:

Arbor Overview and Top Tips

Favourite Links and Quick Actions

Student Profile

Guardian Profile

Staff Profile

Essentials 2:

How to take Attendance on Arbor

The Attendance module

Attendance reports

Attendance statistics

Introduction to Custom Report Writer

Essentials 3:

Introduction to business roles

Assigning a new business role

Editing permissions on a business role

Editing permissions for a member of staff


Essentials 4:

Creating a Sending Profile

Sending Emails in Bulk + Individually

Sending SMS in Bulk + Individually

Creating Letters on Arbor


Communication Logs




Essentials 5:

How to set up a new school meal

Creating Provisions

Setting Prices

Adding a Meal Sitting

Student Meal Choices

Parent & Guardian Account Balances

Top Up Accounts & Refund Accounts

Creating a Credit


Essentials 6:

Setup of supply teachers for cover

How to add record a staff absence

How to assign cover for a staff absence


Essentials 7:

Employment and Financial information

Adding Qualifications and Checks

Making Data Checks

Resolving Suspected Duplicates

Updating Staff Information in Bulk


Essentials 8:

Creating a club

Adding club sessions

Membership prices and participants

Creating new trips

Adding trip prices

Adding trip participants

Recording parental response

Overview of consents



Census dry run 

What is involved?

How to access the census area

How to fix errors

Data Quality Dashboard



How to access the census

What to complete on census day