Who should watch the Essential Webinars?

Everyone at the school is welcome to join our webinars, we do however suggest joining the ones that deal with a module your users are using. The schedule will suggest whether teachers, SLT etc should be joining a specific session.

Session and details

Who we recommend attends






Exams Officer

Essentials 1: 

  • Arbor Overview and Top Tips
  • Favourite Links and Quick Actions
  • Student Profile
  • Guardian Profile
  • Staff Profile

Essentials 2: 

  • How to take Attendance on Arbor
  • The Attendance module
  • Attendance reports
  • Attendance statistics
  • Introduction to Custom Report Writer

Essentials 3: 

  • Introduction to business roles
  • Assigning a new business role
  • Editing permissions on a business role
  • Editing permissions for a member of staff




Essentials 4:

  • Creating a Sending Profile
  • Sending Emails in Bulk + Individually
  • Sending SMS in Bulk + Individually
  • Creating Letters on Arbor
  • Templates
  • Communication Logs
  • Notices
  • Labels



Essentials 5:

  • How to set up a new school meal
  • Creating Provisions
  • Setting Prices
  • Adding a Meal Sitting
  • Student Meal Choices
  • Parent & Guardian Account Balances
  • Top Up Accounts & Refund Accounts
  • Creating a Credit




Essentials 6:

  • Setup of supply teachers for cover
  • How to add record a staff absence
  • How to assign cover for a staff absence




Essentials 7:

  • Employment and Financial information
  • Adding Qualifications and Checks
  • Making Data Checks
  • Resolving Suspected Duplicates
  • Updating Staff Information in Bulk




Essentials 8:

  • Creating a club
  • Adding club sessions
  • Membership prices and participants
  • Creating new trips
  • Adding trip prices
  • Adding trip participants
  • Recording parental response
  • Overview of consents






Seasonal: Census dry run 

  • What is involved?
  • How to access the census area
  • How to fix errors
  • Data Quality Dashboard





Seasonal: census day

  • How to access the census
  • What to complete on census day






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