2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 18 - Improvements for wider reopening and getting back to the new normal

The Headlines

Customise your Target Judgement Rule colours

If you don’t want to use our default colours for Target Judgement Rules you can now choose your own to show in Marksheets and Report Cards. If you have the Assessments: Administer permission, just go to Assessment Framework > Targets > Target Judgement Rules > Target Judgements and select the judgement to pick the colour in the slide over! To use your own colours, be sure to select a colour for every judgement.



Send follow-up communications

With the School: Send and administer school communications: Administer permission you can now send follow-up emails, SMS or in-app messages to recipients of previous Mail Merge communications. Just go to School > Communications > Email/SMS/In-app > Sent messages to select a message, then use the bulk actions to send a follow-up.



COVID-19 updates

We’ve released many new features this week to help all schools prepare for wider opening, which you can see in our central article.

  • Record new absence codes for children due to attend
  • Auto-fill blank marks with # (if closed) or X (if open to some students), or switch it off to manage attendance yourself
  • Generate the numbers required for the DfE’s spreadsheet
  • See attendance and follow up with absentees all in one place


What else is new?

  • With the School: Communications: Administer permission you can now send Mail Merge communications directly to applicants. To see how, check out this article.
  • Add your signature to use it as a merge field when generating Mail Merge emails or letters by following this article.
  • We’ve tweaked the Live Feed creation pop up to make the process of Saving before authentication becomes enabled clearer. You’ll also now see the URL and key after you save.
  • Improved the consistency of which colours are used in the Grade Distribution and Attainment over Time charts.
  • Attainment 8 Buckets and averages on the Progress 8 page.
  • Send in-app messages to guardians from bulk actions all over Arbor -  Attendance, Behaviour, Assessment, you name it!


Coming soon...


More improvements are on the way, including new bulk marking options, importing marks from Excel and being able to set ‘or’ logic for School Assessment Measure rules.


We’re working on the ability to include in-app messages in the communication log, and download the log for the whole school.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday hereYou can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

To propose your own improvement idea sign up to the Community and check out our post Submit Product Feedback here!

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