2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 9 - New assessment pages and more!

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The Headlines

New - Attainment Over Time

Now you can comprehensively see all your student’s attainment over time. Go to Students> Assessments> Summative assessments> Analysis> New - Attainment Over Time. This page shows you a snapshot of student assessment data on a specific date.


To use this feature, click on the green filter text at the top and choose a date. This will display data as it was on the specific date you choose, including the number of students who were working at each grade level. The default date is today’s date but you can also select previous dates. Adjust your filter settings to view a side by side comparison of group statistics (e.g. SEN vs. Non-SEN students). Choose what groups to include in your analysis, and what assessment to view.



New - Below, At or Above

See statistics on students working below, at and above their targets on the new Below, At or Above page. Get here by going to Students> Assessments> Summative assessments> Analysis> New- Below, at or Above.


View both the percentage of students and student number (shown in brackets) that make up your analysis. See a summary of your data at the bottom of your table. Adjust your filter settings to compare multiple year groups, compile data from each term within the current year, and to compare statistics from different assessments. Just like other in other Assessment pages, you can download a report by clicking Download.


Take action for groups from progress charts

Clicking on any point in a curriculum progress over time graph brings up a slideover ranking how different demographics and academic groups are contributing to the progress point. Clicking on any of these groups will now bring up a list of the individual students within them, so you know who is being taken into consideration. You can also take action from these tables of students to assign to intervention group, for instance, or communicate with parents. Just use the bulk action tickboxes and click the little blue pencil for your options.


We’ve also added…

  • Updates to the Group MIS side navigation so you can easily see new features.
  • Selecting cash/cheque payments for bank deposits is now done via a dropdown list. The drop-down list displays all cash/cheque payments made to the school that have not yet been deposited, so you can easily update which payments have been deposited in the bank. You can also search the list.
  • Add as many columns in mark sheets as you want. This allows you to use your standardised assessment results as a baseline in all relevant mark sheets.
  • Log an aspirational target on mark sheets for gifted and talented students.
  • You must delete marks before you can delete an Ad hoc assessment. Now, selecting Ad Hoc assessment marks in bulk makes this easy!


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