Reviewing your COVID-19 Wider Opening Set up

Once you have worked through the guidance to prepare for wider opening from 1st June, we recommend carrying out some checks so you are ready for your students returning. 

Below you will find some simple steps to check your system ahead of students returning.

Checking your registers are ready

Checking your bubble classes have been set up correctly  

You have created your bubble classes in Arbor to contain the students who will be attending from 1st June onwards. We recommend that you check your setup of these classes before students return to your school.

To check your setup go to School > Programmes > 2019/2020 courses and select your bubble class. 


From this page, you will be able to see all the information on your new bubble class.



Check your bubble class times

You will need to check the times of your lessons and check for if you’ll be taking the register in the morning and the afternoon, you will need to make sure you’ve scheduled your PM slots. You can do this in the Classes and Lessons section. If you need to change the start date or time click into the slot and click edit. In the slide over screen you can edit the time and dates.



The correct students have been enrolled

To check that the correct students have been enrolled and they have the correct start date, you will need to check the Enrolled Students section. 


If you need to transfer, withdraw or change the enrolment dates of your students you can do this by using the tick boxes and then the pencil icon. This will open a slide over screen where you can edit the details.



Can the correct teacher/staff member access the registers?

If you know the staff member who will be taking your new bubble class you can add them as an academic lead by using the same class page. Do this by going to School > Programmes > 2019/2020 courses and selecting your bubble class. This will allow them to access the registers, you can also add more than one member of staff here if needed. 


If you have Teaching Assistants who need to access the registers to take attendance you can use permissions to allow them to access registers via Students > Attendance. Please note: they will need to have the permission Attendance: Administer All Students. 

For further guidance on adding permissions to a staff member click here


Are your registers ready for students returning?

Once you have checked your classes are set up correctly you will need to check that registers are created for when the students return. 

To check your registers go to Students > Attendance > Historic Registers from this page you can change the date to the day your bubble classes start.


If no registers are showing here you will need to check that your classes and lessons have been set up correctly in the above step. 


Checking your meals 

You won’t need to change anything for your meal set up as they are linked to morning sessions and not set lessons. 

If you want to check that your meals are working correctly you can view your meal registers by going to School > Meals you can change the date to the day your students return.


Checking your Custom Groups 

As part of your setup for wider opening, you will be using custom groups to pull the correct information on students through the COVID-19 Dashboard. 

Are all the correct students in the correct custom group? 

You can find your custom groups by going to School > School Structure > Custom Groups. 

To view the members of the custom group click into the group you want to view you will be able to see all the members of the group.

If there are missing members you can add them by using the green add button.

Have you selected what custom groups will pull through to the COVID-19 Dashboard? 

As part of your setup, you will need to select which custom groups are used in your COVID-19 Dashboard. 

To see which custom groups have been set up go to Students > Attendance > Covid-19 Dashboard and the Settings tab, and click to define the custom groups you will use. This will allow you to report on the number of vulnerable students and students with a social worker attending each day in your Daily Report. Please note: you'll need to have the School: General Admin: Administer permission to access this page. 


If you need to change the custom group, click on the group and use the drop-down arrows to select the correct group and click save.


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