New ParentPay Process

Please note: This Export does not cover guardian or staff data. If you would like to create a staff report, you will need to create the report detailed below in our Custom Report Writer. Include all the fields your report needs, then download the report as a CSV file. If you need support with this, contact our CSA team.


To update ParentPay with your Arbor information:

Please contact Parent Pay before completing these steps, as parent pay has to complete some work on their end to prevent errors. 

1. Go to School > Data > Export > ParentPay Export.

2. Click the green 'Download Parent Pay Export' button to download and run the report. Please do not change any aspect of this CSV file, as Arbor has already done all the necessary formatting.
3. Upload your report to ParentPay using the instructions found in this document provided by Parent Pay. 
To upload your report properly, here is a list of the mappings from Arbor to Parent Pay:
You can also choose to map additional fields from the Arbor report to ParentPay if you would like. Please note that emails cannot be imported using this tool and therefore they should not be mapped to anything.
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