2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 10 - New reports, exports, payments and seating plans

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The Headlines

New - Attainment by Area

Similar to the ‘attainment by area’ chart in Curriculum Tracking, we’ve added the ability to drill down into summative assessments to see the grade distribution for each assessment period. You can find it in NEW - Attainment by Area in Assessments > Summative Tracking.



Payments in Clubs and Trips

Parents can now pay in instalments towards the price of a trip. Schools can set an auto-confirmation threshold that, once paid, will confirm a child's place on the trip.  You can also send an email to remind parents of outstanding payments.



Copy report cards

Quickly and easily duplicate your current report card by clicking the ‘Copy Report Card Setup’ button. Go through the slide-overs, click finish, and your new report will appear in All Report Cards. You’ll also soon be able to mail Report Cards to guardians!



New Parent Pay Export

You can now download a CSV export in the precise format ParentPay requires schools to upload. Just go to School> Data> Export> ParentPay Export and click the green ‘Download ParentPay Export’ button. For more guidance on this, including field mappings, click here.



Exam Seating Plans

You can now customise your exam room layout in Timetabling> Setup Examination Rooms. Toggle each seat as Available or Unavailable to define the room’s layout, change its shape or skip over certain areas. Just select the exam room and click the green ‘Edit Room Layout’ button to get started.



PPA Report

You can now generate a report of your teacher hours, so you can analyse how teachers are using their time at school, including time allocated, time teaching lessons and planned PPA. Just go to Timetable> Staff Timetable> Teacher Hours.



We’ve also added…

  • Physical Restraint fields have been added to the Custom Report Writer in the Students involved in the Behavioural Incidents base report. These include Restraint Student, Restraint Staff, Restraint Technique Type and Witness columns, and you can filter by Restraint Technique Type.
  • We’ve improved how we choose email addresses to send from. You can see which email address will be used for staff in Permitted Senders Setup. Click here for more info.
  • You can now download printable room timetables just like you can for students & staff. Go to Timetable > Sites & Rooms > Printable Timetables.
  • To help you to use paper registers if you wish, you can now generate and print them by going to Attendance > Reports > Printable Lesson Registers.
  • Year group is now shown alongside registration form on these attendance reports: Absentees, Broken Weeks, Continuous Absence, Persistent Absentees, Planned Absences, Latecomers and Raw Marks.
  • The full set of bulk actions are now available on the New Bulk Edit Marks grid, allowing you to add the students to interventions etc, and send mail merge emails and SMS.
  • If there is a long double-period lesson needing cover, you can now split cover between two different teachers e.g. Teacher A for hour 1 and Teacher B for hour 2.


Coming soon...

In-house exams

We want schools to be able to run mock/internal exams in Arbor so we will be introducing ‘In-house exams’. You will be able to set exam seating plans, input candidate entry summaries, input results and much more!

Removal of gender icons from student names

Not all students identify with only the Male/Female binary. To help with this, we’re working to remove gender icons from everywhere except the student details card in Browse Students.

External Administrator improvements

To improve the accessibility for external administrators of Group MISs you’ll soon be able to log in and generate live feeds without requiring authentication each time the spreadsheet is opened.


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