Setting up Club and Trip Pricing and Payments

You can set up, schedule and manage free clubs and trips from the School > Activities section of your site.

To set up a free club or trip, navigate to Clubs or Trips and click +Add. Select the free option. To set up a paid club or trip, select the other option.



You can set up prices for clubs on a session by session, or fixed-term basis by clicking +Add in the Membership Periods and Prices section of the club overview.




You can set up prices for trips by going to Trips > Select trip > Trip Prices.

Here you can choose:

  • Whether parents can pay towards the price of a trip in instalments
  • The price of the trip
  • Whether the price can be paid in instalments
  • The minimum instalment amount
  • An auto-confirmation threshold that, once paid, will confirm a child's place on the trip



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