2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 19 - EYFS marksheets and more In-app message updates

The Headlines

Following up with account balances

Go to School > Payments > Accounts > Balances to ask Primary Guardians to top up in bulk using a new Mail Merge SMS. You can also send in-app messages from here too! Not only is this option much cheaper than SMS (they’re free), but you can monitor when the message has been read from Communications > In-App Messages > Sent In-app Messages



Mark multiple columns in bulk

You can now enter marks for multiple assessments at once - useful for bulk marking Early Learning Goals for EYFS! Go to School > Programmes > Courses to select your class then go to Assessment > Full Marksheet from the left-hand menu. Tick the boxes next to the students to mark, then click the blue pencil icon to select Multiple Column Edit Marks. Choose the Assessment period, Grade point scale, Grade set and Assessments, then select the mark.



EYFS marksheet for a single child

If you’ve set up your EYFS Summative Assessments you can now see the complete view of a single child’s marks in Summative Tracking > Mark Entry > EYFS Marksheet. You can also access this from the left-hand menu of a student’s profile, in Summative Tracking > EYFS Marksheet



What else is new?

  • If you missed setting a personal signature, you can now also do this when creating a new Mail Merge email or letter - just click the Set up sender’s signature button.
  • We enabled schools with KS4 and KS5 students to change the default filters in Covid-19 Dashboard > Students to show only those students expected to attend a class.
  • Include In-app messages when downloading a student’s communications log from their profile. We’ll also be adding this feature to the whole-school communication log soon!
  • Specify guardian emergency contact priority when downloading and importing our Applicant Spreadsheet.


Coming soon...


Importing summative and ad-hoc assessment marks from Excel and being able to set ‘or’ logic for School Assessment Measure rules.


We’re working on the ability to download statements of results as individual PDF files for each student.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday hereYou can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

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