For reference - Breakfast or after-school club through Clubs or Meals

We have new Wraparound Care Clubs functionality to help you manage your breakfast and after-school clubs more easily in Arbor!

To switch over from Clubs or Meals, you'll need to end your current setup. Then just click +Add on the School > Activities > Clubs page to get started! You can see how to do this by taking a look here: Setting up a breakfast club or after-school club


Don't want to switch over yet? You can continue using our existing Clubs or Meals functionality. You'll need to keep an eye on your Payments Report to see when a payment has been made, as you won't get a notification.

  • Clubs are best if you want parents to be able to book sessions and pay in advance.
  • Meals are best if you want parents to top-up an account and be charged depending on whether their child attends the session or not.

Don't use payments in Arbor or your club is free?

You can still follow the guidance below - just don't set prices for clubs or set your prices as £0 for meals.

Method Positives Negatives
Using Clubs
  • Parents can book their child in for sessions in advance
  • Parents can book and pay for sessions through the Parent Portal/Arbor App
  • If a student doesn't attend or doesn't have breakfast, you'll need to manually refund the session
  • If you have different length sessions with different prices, it can be difficult to manage who is attending which
Using Meals
  • Parents top up their child's account in advance through the Parent Portal/Arbor App
  • The cost is automatically deducted from their balance after each session
  • You may need to manually set students as absent or add new students before the end of each session so they are invoiced correctly
  • Parents can't sign up for specific sessions in advance


What permissions are needed?

  • Extra Curricular: Administer - Set up the club through Clubs
  • Meals: Administer All Students - Set up the club through Meals (you must also have the permission below to set up prices)
  • Finance: Administer - Set a price for the meal provision and manage payments into Club or Meal accounts


Setting it up as a club

Please note that if you want to set up more than one session within a day (such as a breakfast club and an after-school club, or two sessions at different times such as 7-8 and 7.30-8.30), we recommend setting up two clubs, one for each time.

If you don't, each time will count as two separate sessions the parent could book and they could sign up for both. It also means that if a parent signs up for a day, they would be charged for both sessions that take place on the day.

Step 1 - Add your club

Go to School > Activities > Clubs. This will bring you to the Clubs overview page. From here you can view the clubs you have already created in school and set up new clubs here as well.

Click +Add to create a new club.



Select whether your breakfast club is free or whether parents may have to pay for their child to attend.



You can then choose the name and select the students the club is available to. If you allow parents to sign up to this club through the Parent Portal, this will determine which parents will be able to see and sign up.

You can also specify a maximum number of participants, choose whether parents have to give consent when they sign up and whether to create an attendance register for this club, then click Save.


Step 2 - Schedule your sessions

After having created your breakfast club, you will need to add sessions. Click +Add in the Sessions section.



In the pop up select what kind of sessions to schedule. If you intend to run the club at the same times on a weekly basis you will need to choose weekly sessions.



In the slide over, select the days of the week the club will run on, and put in the start and end time of the session.

Please note that if you want to set up more than one session within a day (such as a breakfast club and an after-school club, or two sessions at different times such as 7-8 and 7.30-8.30), these will count as two separate sessions the parent could book and they could sign up for both. This means that if you only want certain parents to be able to book one timeslot, it would be best to set up two clubs, one for each time. 


Step 3 - Add your membership periods

Next, you will need to create membership periods that can be booked. If the club does not require payment you won't need to add a price. Click +Add in this section.



In this example, we will choose Calendar Week as the membership price, as we are going to assume students will attend on a week-by-week basis, instead of on a daily basis but you can choose Day if you wish parents to be able to book their children in on individual days or Month, Term or Year.

For the pricing basis, select Price Per Period. This is because if your calendar week price is 10 pounds and you select price per session, students will get charged 10 pounds per day and the total price for a week would become 50 pounds!

Then choose whether parents will be able to pay any amount they like, and add dates in if you would like parents to be able to sign up and pay for the club through the Parent Portal/Arbor App.



Repeat this process to set up any other different prices. 

Please note: When creating another membership, if the Period chosen and the Pricing Basis are the same, your first membership will be overwritten. Make sure to set them with slightly different availability dates to prevent this.


Using the breakfast club

Parents will be able to sign up for sessions using the Parent Portal/Arbor app until the Signup Closes date and time. 

Need to issue a refund and/or cancel participation in the breakfast club? Take a look at this article.



Need to issue a refund? Take a look at this article.


Setting it up as a meal

The payments for the breakfast or after-school club will automatically be deducted from the Meals balance by default. If you would like the amounts to be deducted from a different account, make sure you have set up a separate Customer Account Type, with the category as Meals (not Ad Hoc).

Step 1 - Add your meal

Go to School > Meals and select Setup from the left-hand menu. Click the Create Meal button.

In the slide over, name your meal and choose the account type to link it to. By default, this will be the meals account, so payments for this meal can be deducted from the students' meals balance, but you can choose a different account instead.


Step 2 - Set up your provisions

The different meal provisions you set up will determine the price of the meal for each student. If you have different length slots that cost different amounts, you can use the meal provision name to make this easy to manage. 

Click the Add Provision button to add a time slot and choose what type of meal it is, then click Add Provision.



Make sure to also add one for if the child is absent. This will ensure they aren't charged for a meal.



Step 3 - Set pricing for each provision (set as £0 if your club is free)

You will then need to click into each Provision to set up prices for the provisions you've created. If you have set up different time slots, these prices will be the price of each slot. You don't need to add a price for your Absent provision unless you do want to charge students when they are absent. 



Click +Add to add a new price.  Add the name of your provision e.g. the time slot, choose your price and VAT rate and which specific groups this price relates to (such as FSM students), then click Set Price.

Repeat this process to add as many prices as you need, such as one for All other students (not FSM).



Step 4 - Add a sitting 

Your sitting determines what time of day the meal will take place. Return to School > Meals > Setup and click to add a sitting.



Your sitting should cover the whole time period of your breakfast club, encompassing all the different times.



Step 5 - Add attendees or regular meal patterns

If you have students who always attend the club you can add whole registration forms as Automatic attendees (see step 5 in this article). This will mean the Breakfast Club will be linked to these registration form's meal choices page on the Lesson Dashboard.

If you have students who always attend the same times, you can assign them a 'meal choice' (see the optional step in this article). 

Alternatively, you could assign all students the regular meal choice of absent, and mark them in the breakfast club based on when/if they attend (shown below). Please note that if you do use this option, remember to mark them before the end of the session to make sure they are invoiced.


Using the breakfast club

To take the meal register and charge students each day, go to School > Meals > Daily Summary. Select the meal sitting and click View Register.



Tick the boxes next to the students who attended at the same time then click the blue pencil icon to assign them to a time slot and invoice them or to mark the students down as absent.



Need to issue a refund? Take a look at this article.

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