2018/2019 Fortnightly Update Roundup 11 - Timetabling, detentions and emergency contact details

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The Headlines

New timetabling features

We’ve introduced lots of new features to help you manage your timetables, detect clashes and find free members of staff. Go to School> Timetable to check them out.

  • School > Timetable > School Timetable> Clashes lets you find students, staff or rooms that have been “double-booked”.
  • School > Timetable > Staff Timetable> Free Staff Finder is the quickest way to find free members of staff.
  • School > Timetable > Staff Timetable > Meeting Time Finder allows you to find a time when staff members or groups of staff are free for a meeting.
  • School > Timetable > Student Timetable> Timetable Gaps can be used to find any students with periods that have no lessons scheduled.
  • School > Timetable > Sites & rooms> Free Room Finder lets you find free rooms.



Emergency contact numbers

Our new Emergency Contact Numbers Page helps you ensure you have two emergency contact numbers for every child in your care. Get to the table by going to Students > Parents & Guardians > Emergency Contact Numbers. Missing contacts will be highlighted in red. Click on the table to go to the student's profile to add the missing details.



Disable ad-hoc detentions

You can now choose whether detentions can be issued without a corresponding behaviour incident. Go to Behaviour> Setup> Dashboard to toggle this feature.



Planned absences and detentions

We’ve also added the ability to see if a student has a planned absence overlapping a detention session. Go to the detention session dashboard and hover over the Attendance mark field.



Assigning exam seats

Assigning exam seats just got a lot easier! You can auto-assign exam seats in a snake from the front left or in a ‘back-to-front’ formation. You can also start the seating arrangement from any column, select candidates you don’t wish to seat, choose which examinations to seat (useful if you want to leave a gap between exams) and order candidates by a range of demographics.



What else is new?

  • We’ve changed how the ‘In Care’ Demographic is shown in Arbor. It is now displayed as ‘Looked After (InCare)’ to better align with DfE terminology.
  • We’ve improved the way that permissions and business roles are displayed on the Group MIS- they are now displayed in the same way as Arbor MIS.
  • All data is now available to bulk download from the student profile, just as it is for downloading a single profile. You include notes, Behaviour, Communications, Attainment, Attendance and much more! Go to Students> All Students> Browse Students> Bulk Export Profiles.


Coming soon...

In-house exams

We will be introducing our new ‘In-house exams’ functionality, allowing schools to run mock exams. This will include exam seating plans, candidate entries, input results and much more!

Improvements to communications

Our upcoming features will allow you to share report cards (in bulk if necessary) to guardians, and to create communication templates that use custom reports to populate the data.

Probation periods & probation reviews

We’re adding the ability to record probation periods and reviews on staff contracts.

Improvements to Custom Report Writer  

Instead of creating the same custom report 12 times for each registration form, you will now be able to create one report and collate by registration form to split it automatically.


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