How to complete Step 6 of the New School Year Setup for Primaries

Do I need to complete step 6?

All schools (including primaries, nurseries and primary specials) need to complete step 6 of the new school year setup, as in this step you schedule your statutory roll call attendance registers. If you don't complete this step, you won't have any registers in September.

To complete this step, be sure to have completed steps 1-5 of your New School Year Setup using your Guide. Ensure you have created all the registration forms you need to in step 3 - these will be the student groups you'll be creating registers for.


Scheduling registers for Nursery

If you have nursery children at your school you'll need to schedule registers for them first. This year we’ve put together separate guidance to make it easier to work through the process of enrolling students into the correct sessions. Click here to read our Nursery guidance. 


Scheduling registers for other year groups

Go to School > School Structure > School Year Setup > Step 6 and select the first option to Schedule Sessions from Registration Forms.

Tick the boxes next to the registration forms, then click theBulk action button to select Schedule Registration Forms.



Enter the start and end times, making sure your Morning end time falls at the beginning of lunchtime (in order to prevent errors during Census), and your Afternoon end time is the end of the school day. Leave a gap for lunch.

If you’ve got Reception children, you’ll also need to select whether you will be using regular attendance patterns for them. We recommend you choose no from the Create separate modules per day for reception classes? drop-down box. 

Return to the previous page and you’ll see a list of all the scheduled registration forms. You can then click the green Mark as complete button if you don't want to schedule any more classes. This lets the system know that you've completed this step, and will also get rid of the banner on your homepage.


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