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What happens if students are only entered into the units and not the award?

If students aren't entered into an Award, they won’t get their qualification at the end of the academic year. Sometimes students are entered into units over a number of years, with the award entry coming at the end of their time in school. Please make sure you enter students into the award as well as the units.


Why should I enter students into an award and unit?

The award is the over-arching qualification. The grade students achieve in each unit contributes to their overall Award grade. As the units contain the information for the exams and when they take place, you need to enter students into both the units (so they are entered for the exams) and the award (so they are entered into the award itself in order to be awarded the qualification).


How do I create an entry file?

An entries file is an EDI file that is generated by the user. It is then uploaded to the Awarding Organisation’s website to confirm the entries.


Why didn’t my entry file get submitted to the Awarding Organisation after I created it?

Entry files must be manually uploaded to the awarding organisation through their secure portal. Once the file has been uploaded, it should be ‘confirmed’ in Arbor.


I’ve downloaded my entry file, where is it?

This is often found in your operating system’s ‘Downloads’ folder, or on your desktop.


Why is my entry file being rejected by the Awarding Organisation? 

Please check the filename of the entries file. Check the file name looks something like this: E0000010.X01

If the filename has ‘(1)’ at the end, it’s likely because the file was downloaded twice. In this case, please rename the file, or check to see if another version of the file has been downloaded.

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