Setting embargo dates for exams

Who can view results before the embargo?

Embargo settings ensure only the right people can see student exam results before they are officially released to students.

Go to Students > Examinations > Setup > Results Embargo settings

Here you can select who can see exam results before the embargo date. 


This list by default contains the Exams Officer, but you can add additional people if needed by clicking '+Add'.



Setting Embargo dates and times

Embargo dates must be set individually for each qualification.

First, import your results. For how to do this, see the Importing EDI Results section in the Entering Exam Results in Arbor article here.

After you import your results, you must set an Embargo date (e.g. 9 am on GCSE results day), or all staff in your school will be able to see the results early. Click the embargo settings row to do this.



Once the embargo date and time have passed, results will be viewable to other business roles via candidate/student profiles under Examinations > Statement of Provisional Results.


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