Entering candidates into In-house Examinations

To add candidates straight into an In-house exam, go to Students > In-house Exams > Examinations.

Select the exam you want to enter candidates into. Then go to the Entries tab. Click the Enter Candidates button.




You will be presented with a slide over where you can select the relevant instance and students. You can select either a group of students or you can select them individually.

To automatically register these students as in-house exam candidates, tick the box. This means if a student has not been defined as an In-house exam candidate already, they will automatically be added as a candidate and a candidate number will be generated.



These entries now appear in the instances section.



You can edit entries to add them to a Sitting by clicking on the Entries tab.



Click on the row containing the candidate to edit their entry. A slide cover will appear to allow you to withdraw this one candidate from the exam or add them to a sitting.



After clicking Assign to sitting you can select multiple students to assign. 



You can also complete this action from the Entries tab in bulk.



Can I enter candidates into the same exam in different rooms?

Yes! Just set up two exam sittings in separate rooms, then assign candidates to the correct room.


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