How do I Analyse my Group's data?

On the Group Dashboard

On the main dashboard, you will see your group average calculation for each headline measure. By default each measure will display with a national average comparison - this can be amended to give a comparison to the Outstanding school average.


You are able to click on any measure and view more detail for each. This includes downloadable tables for each school and each demographic group's performance against the measure. For more information on what is shown, see the sections below.

You can also see your Full-Time Equivalent statistics on the Staff Context page:

  • FTE (Full Time Equivalent) staff - how many full-time staff members your staff’s working hours correspond to
  • Student to FTE teacher ratio - view on average across the trust how many students there are for each teacher

These features are great for calculating costs, planning and budgeting. You can also ensure that enough teachers are recruited for the number of students you have. Just go to Analytics > Staff/HR > Context.

Please note that to calculate an accurate FTE hours number, each staff member must have a contract and salary set up.




You can access a variety of Key Performance Indicators that show data from all parts of your Group MIS by clicking the Analytics drop-down menu and selecting Group Context, Attendance, Behaviour, Attainment & Progress, or Staff/HR.



Live Overview Dashboard

Choose Live Overview Dashboard to view breakdowns of your data by data type, such as student groups, attendance marks, target tracking and staff absences.



Here you will see a reminder if not all of your schools have shared their data with you. It is important to set up your data sharing agreements to ensure the data shown in your infographics is an accurate representation of all your schools.

You will also see the option to discount schools from your data analysis using the 'Don't show...' function. Just click the drop-down menu to select the schools you would like to discount and click 'Apply'.



The infographics display a comparison of your data this year to last year.



Hover over an infographic to view more information.



You can click on each infographic to view a more detailed breakdown of a variety of groups' data. 



Click 'Monthly trend' or 'Year on Year' to see your progress over time.



Click the All Measures tab to view this data in a table on a school by school basis. You can download this information by clicking the grey button.



DfE Performance Data

Choose DfE Performance Data to view breakdowns of your data compared to the national average, and the average for other schools with the same Ofsted rating.



As above, you can click each infographic to view a more detailed breakdown of a variety of groups' data.

In this section, your charts will also show your trust average, the national average, and the average for other schools with the same Ofsted rating.Screen_Shot_2018-10-26_at_10.00.53.png



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