2019/2020 Product Updates Roundup 22 - Group MIS API and preparing for the new year

The Headlines

Easily delete timetable slots

When you delete lessons from the Timetable Slots page this now happens in the background. This means you can select all the slots on the page and delete them all at once - no more timing out or having to delete them in batches! You’ll also get a notification when it’s finished!



Copy your enrolments to next year

If you haven’t yet completed Step 6 of the new school year setup, there’s a new option for secondaries to copy over teaching groups, courses and enrolments! Take a look at our Guide for more, including a handy diagram for which option to use. 



Group API connections

You can now connect with third-party applications such as Inventry, Wonde and Groupcall through the Group MIS to easily access data on Group staff. Just ask the app's company to send a request, then approve it from Administration > Partner Apps (API Users) using the instructions here.



What else is new?

  • In preparation for results day, you can now reverse a results file import and re-import the corrected file. If you’ve got the Qualifications: Administer All Students permission just click the Reverse results import button at the bottom of the import page.
  • The Summative Tracking Overview Dashboard now calculates based on the grade set used in the rule rather than the default.


Coming soon...

Assessments and exams

Import Ad Hoc assessment marks from excel and more updates to make importing exam results easier on results day.

Group MIS

Features to help you track, follow up with and set goals for attendance across your schools, plus improved KPI calculations.

My Classroom

We’ll send further details out after summer about our enhanced functionality for taking attendance, managing behaviour and creating seating plans, so watch this space.


We publish a roundup of our releases every other Friday hereYou can also see what else we’re working on using our Roadmap.

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