Assigning strands to specific assessment periods

When you create strands as part of your summative assessment setup, your strands will automatically be applied to all of the assessment periods that have been assigned to the parent assessment.

For instance, if you have created a summative assessment and have chosen a half-termly assessment period and your school has the typical 3 terms per year, then all of your strands will appear in each assessment period, with a total of 6 instances of strands that you can enter marks for.

Assigning strands to specific Assessment Periods

In some cases, a strand may only be taught and assessed in some of the assessment periods. For instance, 'numbers' might be a strand of your 'Maths' parent assessment, but it is only taught in the first term of the year.

Another example could be that one of your strands is the final exam of the module. Therefore, you would only need to assess this strand in the final assessment period for that assessment in an academic year. 

To specify which assessment period a strand can be assessed in, go
 to the Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Manage AssessmentsSelect your summative assessment with strands.



From the Assessment Overview, click the field containing Strand Assessment Periods.



Each assessment period will have a check-box for each strand. To remove a strand from an assessment period, simply un-tick the relevant strand box and then click 'Update Assessment Periods' at the bottom of the slide over.

Please note: You can only remove strands that do not already have any marks entered for an assessment period. Please ensure the strand is blank before attempting to exclude the assessment period.



What other aspects of strands can I edit?

To edit your strands for an assessment, go to the Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments. Click the + next to the assessment name then click the strand.



You can edit anything that displays the Screen_Shot_2019-02-05_at_11.53.26.pngsymbol. 

If you wish to add or delete strands, please contact our customer support team. This is because once a summative assessment with strands setup has been completed, you cannot add a new strand or delete any of the current strands. You will need to back up any assessment data, delete the assessment, create a new one and re-upload the backed up data.


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