Creating a Custom Assessment period

What are assessment periods?

An assessment period is a set of dates that are used to define the frequency at which an assessment will take place. Within Arbor, there are four default assessment periods you can choose when setting up an assessment: monthly, half termly, termly or annual basis.

If you don't see all of these on your Assessment Periods page, don't worry! the default assessment periods will only appear here if an assessment is using them (Custom ones will always appear).

In some cases, your assessment may not fit into the default assessment periods that are available. You can create your own custom assessment to assess a subject as frequently as you need.


Creating a custom assessment period

You can add a new assessment period by going to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Assessment Periods.



Click +Add and update the slide over with the name, all your assessment periods and the dates of the assessments.



The custom period will then appear in your Assessment Periods list.



Editing or deleting a custom assessment period

To edit the assessment period names or dates, or delete the Assessment Periods, click the assessment periods. Please note, you can only delete an assessment period if no assessments are currently using it.



Choosing an assessment period

You can choose what assessment periods to use when setting up your assessments, once you have added them to your Assessment Framework and Annual Policy. 

Go to the Assessment Management page to add an assessment period to an assessment, but please note that you cannot change the assessment period once assigned.

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I'm still stuck!


  • can you have two assessment periods for the same course?

  • Hi Mark! If you wanted two sets of assessment periods you'd need to set up two different assessments and link them both to the same course.


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